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Glycolic Acid 25% Peel
Exfoliates dead skin cells
Lightens discoloration such as light (Mild) sun or age spots and hyper pigmentation
Reduces the depth of superficial wrinkles and fine lines
Enhances skin's ability to increase moisture content
Beneficial to acne-prone skin by clearing the pores of excess keratinocytes

Lightening Peel 30% 
A professional peel treatment to even skin tone and discoloration and to jump start a complete skin rejuvenation process. Kojic peels can be performed in combination with a mild facial treatment for a full service procedure. Formulated with a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Glycolic and Lactic Acids with Kojic Acid, Bearberry and Licorice extracts to inhibit skin discoloration and melanin production.

Deep cleansing treatment
This deep cleansing treatment offers a steam-deep exfoliation enzyme mask,Catalyst balanced (oil dissolving)foaming mask with galvanic current followed by Hydro-
brasion procedure and protective moisturizer. 
Excellent for clients who is experiencing clogged pores, acne, excess oil and enlarge pores.The result are awesome!

AHA infusion , Collagen Mask
Hydroxyproline is an amino acid, a building block of protein, made by modifying another amino acid called proline. It is the primary component of collagen, a fibrous protein found in the dermis of the skin that gives skin its structural support and youthful firmness.
Benefits include:
  • increases and balances natural collagen within skin
  • improves tone and moisture
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles and
  • increases firmness and elasticity
  • maintains moisture 
 New combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acid  infusion Facial and NEW Charcoal       
Detox Facial Mask 
Charcoal is a natural antioxidant and can help draw out dirt and oils from the skin helping to eliminate acne and blackheads. Gold Leaf also     helps in the absorption of active ingredients                                                               

             There are several benefits of AHAs for your skin. Let us have a look:
1. Removes Dead Skin Cells:
Alpha Hydroxy Acid for skin works as an exfoliating agent and removes dead cells from your skin and helps you get rid of the dark cells from the top layers of your skin.
2. Reduces Cell Fixing:
It is found that the acid minimizes cell adhesion or gluing on the top surface of your skin. You can use alpha hydroxy acid products for a wrinkle-free and younger looking skin.
3. Protects The Skin From Sun Damage:

Your skin can be the victim of sun damage, blemish and other issues, resulting in hyperpigmentation and patches on the skin. Though, a flesh-toned cosmetic stick can disguise the patch mark on your skin, but for long term treatment, you can use AHA treatment.
4. Assists Assimilation:
The exterior layers of dull and dead skin cells hamper the ability of your skin to absorb the important components like serums and creams. AHAs detach these layers to uncover the primary cells, helping your skin assimilate the goodness of your beauty regimen better.
5. Reduces Wrinkles:
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Alpha Hydroxy Acids help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles in a shorter period of time. You can find AHAs in different beauty products like sunscreen products, anti-aging products and acne creams, shampoos etc.

6. Prevents Skin Damage:
AHAs help to heal the damaged skin surface and help the growth of new cells. AHAs also help to increase the production of collagen in your body, preventing skin damage.
7. Increases Blood Flow To The Skin:
According to the Harvard Medical School, using AHAs increase the blood flow to your skin and help you to get rid of wrinkles and crumples. The result—natural and bright skin tone!
8. Gives A Fresh Look:
Looking fresh is not just about sleeping well! A dull skin can never look fresh. One of the most important benefits of AHA is its ability to reduce dark spots on your skin, minimize blackheads and acne. With these gone, your skin will automatically look fresher!
9. Rids Your Skin Of Sun Tan:
As mentioned before, AHAs work as exfoliating agents. This property enables it to remove dark layers of the skin and sun tan easily. But remember that protection is always better than cure! Use a sunscreen whenever you step out of your home to prevent sun damage.
10. Work As Anti-Aging Agent:
As AHAs work to reduce wrinkles and prevents skin damage, they are known as anti-aging agents. Regular usage can yield a very good result within a month.


 Charcoal Detox facial  treatment

This is Deep cleansing and Ultra detoxifying skin treatment,
it includes skin exfoliation,galvanic current and Charcoal Detox mask.
Hydro-water-derm-abrasion deep cleansing will finish treatment which I use for maximum results!

Earth Facial

Naturally Designed Facial with simple natural cleansing and Muscle-Lymph active Massage very relaxing and re-freshening for people who don't like modern machinery in Skin care. 
with 25 min Massage!

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Dr. Spiller 's Thermal mask application



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